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发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 10
DRLF SERIES RETURN LINE FILTER DRLF series filter is used in return line; it can remove all the contaminants from the hydraulic system, keeping the oil back to the tank clean. The element of this series is made of glass fiber, it has high efficiency and filtration, large dirt capacity and lower initial pressure drop. There is a by-pass valve and a contamination indicator. The indicator will act when the pressure drop across filter element attains 0.35MPa.Model DescriptionTechnical ParametersNote: * for the filter accuracy. If the use of media for the water-ethylene glycol, nominal flow 2600L / min, filtration accuracy of 10μ m, with the transmitter. The filter model is DRLF · BH-A2600x10P, filter type is SFX · BH-1300X10.Installation dimensionsExternal flange conne...
发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 10
CGQ STRONG MAGNET LINE FILTER SERIES  The CGQ series filters have magnets with high coercive force. whose attraction is 10 times stronger than regular magnet, so all the magnetic can be ontainment removed by this filter at high flow rate. It can be used before the main components and get the reliability of the hydraulic system. This series filters are widely used in electro-hydraulic servo and proportion system. Technical parameters and connection dimensions1, working pressure: 31.5MPa2, the filter accuracy: 60μm3, the original pressure loss: 0.14 ~ 0.19MPaNote:The filter when cleaning the first open the oil hole, the release of the internal oil, and then open the end cover to clean the core and filter, if the re-installation of the oil first screw plug, and then into the filter,...
发布时间: 2017 - 08 - 10
Us Huaqing Filtration could produce replacement to PALL filter series.PALL filter HH4114C20KPBP PALL filter HH8304F40KNU6HPALL filter HH8304F40**UB1PALL filter HH8910F32KPUBMPALL low pressure filter HH8370F48KTVBR24DCPALL low pressure filterHH8304F40KNXBR24DC SAE2 1/2 All series we could supply:PALL low pressure filter UR629 series filter UR649 series filter UR629C UR649C UR669C UR689C UE619  Seals UR629SKZ PALLRC PALL low pressure filter UR699 series filter PALLUR699 series filter UR699C UE619  Seals UR699SKZ PALL low pressure filter 7400 series filter PALL7500 series filter PALL7502 series filter HH7400C HH7400F HH7500C HH7500F HH7500C HH7500FPall low pressure filter HH8370F...
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Hqfiltration offer replace of Hydac Betterfit Replace of Vickers Filter ElementsThe HYDAC Betterfit range covers a wide variety of replacement elements in the dimensions used by competitors, particularly all well-known filter element manufacturers like Pall, Mahle, Argo, Parker, Schroeder, Fairely Arlon, EPE, Internormen and Donaldson.Vickers codeHYDAC codeV0621V2C201.11.08D25BN/-VV2051B2C03 1.18.08D03BNV2051B2C05 1.18.08D06BNV2051B2C101.18.08D12BNV2051B2C201.18.08D25BNV2051B5C031.18.16D03BNV2051B5C051.18.16D06BNV2051B5C101.18.16D12BNV2051B5C201.18.16D25BNV2051V2C05 1.18.08D06BN/-VV2051V5C031.18.16D03BN/-VV2054B2C031.18.08D03BHV2054B2C051.18.08D06BHV2054B2C101.18.08D10BH Hqfiltration Specializing in the production of standardized industrial hydraulic filter el...
发布时间: 2023 - 12 - 21
Corss Reference of DAWN FILTER LEEMIN FILTER LEEMIN ELEMENTTFX-40×80 TFX-40×100 TFX-40×180TFX-63×80 TFX-63×100 TFX-63×180TFX-100×80 TFX-100×100 TFX-100×180TFX-160×80 TFX-160×100 TFX-160×180TFX-250×80 TFX-250×100 TFX-250×180TFX-400×80 TFX-400×100 TFX-400×180TFX-630×80 TFX-630×100 TFX-630×180TFX-800×80 TFX-800×100 TFX-800×180TFX-1000×80 TFX-1000×100 TFX-1000×180TFX-1300×...
发布时间: 2017 - 12 - 07
HQFILTRATION SUPPLY CORSS REFERENCE AIR COMPRESSOR FILTER ELEMENTS KAISHAN AIR COMPRESS FILTER ELEMENT REPLACEMENTREPLACEMENT OF KAISHAN AIR COMPRESS FILTER ELEMENT 66094212  Compressor equipment accessories 66135177 KAISHAN AIR COMPRESS ENGINE OIL FILTER ELEMENT 66135302 KAISHAN Screw air compressor oil and gas separation filter 55275325460 KAISHAN Screw air compressor oil separator 56202300440 Air compressor oil and gas separation filter 537705330800 External screw compressor oil filter cartridge LB040110260 Oil separator filte...
发布时间: 2017 - 12 - 07
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