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发布时间: 2020 - 02 - 26
26-36 inch long Cylindrical filter cartridge Dust removal AIR FILTER TUBE FILTER ELEMENT  Dust removal filter cartridge mainly used for the application of both Fibrous dust and Non fiber dust,application of Easy coalescence dust,and the application that need to wash the filter cartridge in using.For example:Wood processing,Grain processing,Grinding of composite materials,Metal polishing and Food processing and pharmaceuticalAnd so on applications. The filter material cold effectively filter the tiny dust particles on the surface of the filter material,So as to strengthen the effect of pulse cleaning and prolong the life of filter tube,and ensure the higher filtration efficiency. Filter cartridge features1, Greatly improve the effective filtration area;2, Ensure a low an...
发布时间: 2020 - 02 - 22
Welded Construction Stainless Steel Filter Elements 060-DR-100-D-V gear box stainless steel filter Product Material304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth material304 or 316 Stainless steel fiber sintered felt304 or 316 stainless steel fiber felt mesh304 or 316 stainless steel special mesh304 or 316 stainless steel sintered 3-layer mesh304 or 316 stainless steel sintered five-layer mesh304 or 316 stainless steel sintered seven-layer meshother metal filter materials HQFILTRATION Stainless Filter Element Applications including:+ Power Generation (Nuclear and Fossil)+ Chemical and Petrochemical Processing+ Hydraulic Systems+ Coolant Systems+ Water Filtration+ Pneumatic Systems+ Test Stands and Laboratories+ Cryogenics+ Extreme Temperature and Pressure ApplicationsHQFILTRATION Stainles...
发布时间: 2020 - 02 - 21
ZNGL02011001 Induced draft fan hydraulic oil station Filter element Filter type: pressure filtrationFiltration efficiency: 99.99%Filter rating: 1, 3, 6, 12, 25 …umStructural strength: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 21.0MpaApplication field: hydraulic system, lubrication systemO-Ring: NBR, fluororubberMaterial: imported USA HV fiber glass/South Korea oil paper/304,316 stainless steel mesh or domestic material,PP,fiber glass cotton and so on...Application: Used for hydraulic, lubrication system pressure oil filtration, used to filter out the pollutants in the system to ensure the normal operation of the system Performance1. High porosity and excellent permeability, less pressure loss, large flow2. Large capacity of pollutants, high filtra...
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Large flow water filter elementTechnical parameterFiltration accuracy: 1 micron, 4.5 micron, 6 micron, 10 micron, 20 micron, 40 micron, 70 micron, 100 micronOuter diameter of filter element: 60 '(152mm)Length of filter element: 20','40','60'“Component Material: Filter Material: Folded Glass Fiber, Folded Deep Polypropylene, Melt Blown PolypropyleneSupport/diversion layer: polypropyleneSealing Ring Material: Ethylene-propylene Rubber, Nitrile-butadiene RubberMaximum operating temperature: folded glass fiber 120 C, folded polypropylene 82 C, melt blown polypropylene 65 CMaximum pressure drop: folded glass fiber 3.4bar 121 C, folded polypropylene 3.4bar 82 C, melt blown polypropylene 1.03bar 65 CRecommended Pressure Drop for Replacement of Filter Core: 2.4 bar 20 CProposed maximum filtration ...
Phenolic resin filter elementProduct Profile:Phenolic resin composite filter is a patent breakthrough in the design of resin composite filter. The external spiral winding structure can collect a large number of particulate impurities, and the internal structure can intercept particulates with corresponding precision, which is suitable for high viscosity and high temperature fluids.Technical parameters:Filtration accuracy (micron): 2,5,10,25,50,75,125,150Maximum temperature resistance: 121 degrees CelsiusFilter Material: Special Long Fiber, Phenolic ResinFiltering Direction: Out-in-outThe filter element length is 10, 20, 30 - 40 inchesFilter core diameter: 2.56 inchesEnd Cover Form: DOE (Open Flat at Both Ends)Flow rate (2.74'diameter): (1.1 m3/hr/10' inch filter element)Application industr...
Water Sample Filter CoreProduct introductionWire-wound filter element is installed in the filter. The size of the filter element is relatively small. It is used to filter the water sample of the instrument and protect the instrument electrode.1. The shell is made of plexiglass.2. When replacing the filter element, the lower end cap should be unscrewed.3. Install check valve at outlet of water sample filter to prevent instrument electrode from losing water4. Connection mode: threaded connectionTechnical parameter1. Nominal Pressure:2. Experimental pressure: 1.0 Mpa3. Applicable medium: instrument sample water4. Applicable Temperature:5. Maximum flow: 2000ml/minPerformance characteristics1. High filtration accuracy, small pressure difference, large flow rate, long service life of pollution a...
Wire wound filter element Product descriptionThe wire-wound filter has a good filtration performance, and the textile fiber yarn is precisely wound on the porous skeleton. The yarn materials include polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, and absorbent cotton fiber. By controlling the winding tightness and the density of the yarn during winding, it is possible to produce filter cores with different precisions. Performance characteristicsHigh filtration precision, large flow, small pressure difference, high pressure resistance, large amount of dirt, non-toxic and tasteless, no secondary pollution.1. High filtration precision, small pressure difference, large flow, large dirt consumption and long service life;2. The filter has a small outer diameter and a good depth filtration eff...
Activated carbon filter elementProduct introductionActivated carbon filter core is made by adding activated carbon particles to binder, heating and sintering, continuous extrusion. The filter core has excellent adsorption performance of granular activated carbon, precise filtration characteristics of tubular elements, good adsorption effect, and can effectively remove particles, rust, residual chlorine, odor, color and organic matter in water.The inner layer of the filter element is polypropylene skeleton, which is used to strengthen the compressive strength of the filter element. The framework is coated with two layers of polypropylene ultrafine fiber felt, which can intercept the liquid and bring out particles larger than 10 microns through the carbon core. Carbon core is coated wit...
Microporous PP folding filter element Product introductionThe PP folding filter element is made of ultra-fine polypropylene fiber film and non-woven fabric or (net) inner and outer support layer. The center rod and end cover of the filter core shell are processed by hot-melt welding technology, without any glue, no leakage. No secondary pollution.PP folding filter core with film as the core of the film folding filter, after determining the filter material, the polypropylene non-woven fabric (net), divided into the drainage layer and the support folded, inserted into the center tube, into the shell, all parts are Using adhesive-free hot-melt welding technology, the fuse seal forms a complete integrated filter element, free of chemical contaminants, and the product is 100% integrit...
PP cotton melt blown filter elementProduct BriefMelt-blown filter element is a tubular filter element made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles through heating, melting, spinning, drawing and accepting formation. If the raw material is mainly polypropylene, it can be called PP melt-blown filter element.It is not only used in large quantities for water purification, but also has excellent chemical compatibility. It is suitable for filtration of strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents. The utility model has the advantages of strong pollution absorption capacity, long service life and low cost.Product performanceFirst, polypropylene is used as raw material, and continuous polypropylene long fibers produced by melt blown process are wound. The surface fiber structure is strengt...
Large Flow Coagulation Water Filter Element In condensate system, more than about 90% of the metal contaminants are solid particulate, and most of which is iron, the particle size is mainly 6 ~ 15μm. Therefore, when the unit starts, condensate must be processed or filtered desalination fine solids. Large Flow Coagulation Water Filter Feature:Allows the high flow media get through the filter material, with high efficiency, low loss, and long lifetime.The structure of Out in the intake of the filter elements could ensure that it’s easy to change the filter elements,while keeping Contaminants interception inside the cartridge.       No metal structure of filter element makes it possible to complete combustion, flattening and env...
IntroductionPP meltblown filter element made of hot-melt entangled polypropylene microfiber, do not use any chemical adhesives, fiber bonding is formed in the space random from three-dimensional microporous structure, fabric collection surface, deep, coarse filter in one, As the fiber and density form high filtration precision and assimilative capacity in the diameter direction of the filter element, the pressure difference is small, deep filtration structure within the outer sparse density gradient pore size, strong pollutant that can remove suspended solids in the liquid flow effectively, particulates, rust and other impurities, high filtering effect, life is long. PropertyPP meltblown filter element aperture compact and uniform, filtration efficiency is high. Due to ...
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