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发布时间: 2019 - 05 - 04
Phenolic resin filter elementProduct Profile:Phenolic resin composite filter is a patent breakthrough in the design of resin composite filter. The external spiral winding structure can collect a large number of particulate impurities, and the internal structure can intercept particulates with corresponding precision, which is suitable for high viscosity and high temperature fluids.Technical parameters:Filtration accuracy (micron): 2,5,10,25,50,75,125,150Maximum temperature resistance: 121 degrees CelsiusFilter Material: Special Long Fiber, Phenolic ResinFiltering Direction: Out-in-outThe filter element length is 10, 20, 30 - 40 inchesFilter core diameter: 2.56 inchesEnd Cover Form: DOE (Open Flat at Both Ends)Flow rate (2.74'diameter): (1.1 m3/hr/10' inch filter element)Application industr...
发布时间: 2019 - 05 - 04
Large flow water filter elementTechnical parameterFiltration accuracy: 1 micron, 4.5 micron, 6 micron, 10 micron, 20 micron, 40 micron, 70 micron, 100 micronOuter diameter of filter element: 60 '(152mm)Length of filter element: 20','40','60'“Component Material: Filter Material: Folded Glass Fiber, Folded Deep Polypropylene, Melt Blown PolypropyleneSupport/diversion layer: polypropyleneSealing Ring Material: Ethylene-propylene Rubber, Nitrile-butadiene RubberMaximum operating temperature: folded glass fiber 120 C, folded polypropylene 82 C, melt blown polypropylene 65 CMaximum pressure drop: folded glass fiber 3.4bar 121 C, folded polypropylene 3.4bar 82 C, melt blown polypropylene 1.03bar 65 CRecommended Pressure Drop for Replacement of Filter Core: 2.4 bar 20 CProposed maximum filtration ...
发布时间: 2019 - 05 - 04
Water Sample Filter CoreProduct introductionWire-wound filter element is installed in the filter. The size of the filter element is relatively small. It is used to filter the water sample of the instrument and protect the instrument electrode.1. The shell is made of plexiglass.2. When replacing the filter element, the lower end cap should be unscrewed.3. Install check valve at outlet of water sample filter to prevent instrument electrode from losing water4. Connection mode: threaded connectionTechnical parameter1. Nominal Pressure: 2. Experimental pressure: 1.0 Mpa3. Applicable medium: instrument sample water4. Applicable Temperature: 5. Maximum flow: 2000ml/minPerformance characteristics1. High filtration accuracy, small pressure difference, large flow rate, long service life of pollution...
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The cleaning chamber has no separatorSeparator-free high-efficiency filters are the most commonly-used filters in purifying engineering nowadays and they have replaced traditional separator filters in most of the projects.AWB separator-free high-efficiency filters can satisfy demanding purifying projects because the seasoned producer uses quality filtering media and has strict quality control system and clean production environment.   One-by-one testAll AWB high-efficiency filters are tested before delivery.Under general conditions , the company uses MPPS of Europe or0.1~0.2mm scanning method of the United States to conduct the tests .  AWB high-efficiency filterMain characteristics Filtering efficiency(MPPS)HEPA: 99.95%,99.995%ULPA(≥): 99....
ABY board filterEconomical type  ABY board filters produced by us have the following features:cheap, light, good compatibility and compact structure.The products adopt hard-paper frame and compound fiber filteringmedia and there is a metal net behind the folded filtering andcompact structure media for supporting.       DimensionsDepths of the filters are 46mm and 96mm,with corresponding nominal depth of “2” and “4”.Preferable height and width are 595mm,with corresponding nominal size of 24’’. Typical uses of ABY board filter*Pre-filtering of air-conditioning and ventilation systems*Pre filtering of large air compressors*Returning - wind filtering of cleaning chambers*Pre-filtering of filtering devices that need...
General-purpose and washableWashing-resistanceADC/G filters can satisfy customers who hope that filters can be used again after being washed.Some users of ADC/G filters wash filters for more than 10 times to extend the service life of filters to 2 years. Low resistanceThe filters adopt special filtering media and reasonable structure to lower the resistance of the filters to the lowest level. Stable performanceThe fiber filtering media in ADC/G nag filters do not contain static electricity so there is no element in the filtering data that is temporarily improved due to static electricity.Filtering effciency maintains initial function after washing if the filtering medias are not broken.ADC/G ng filters are mainly used in central air-conditioning and ventilatio...
ADC/F series bag filtersGeneral-purpose;fiber glass filtering mediaAdvanced design,strict quality contral,quality of imported media.We provides you with quality ADC/F bag filters with imported fiber glass filtering media.   For example: ADC/F 6665/10-F7Efficiency grade: F7; Dimensions: 592×592×650mm; Number of bags: 10 Fiber glass filtering mediaNoted:1.The above stable includes recommended models,we could makes various other models of ADC/F filters not listed here.          2.The standard frame depth of ADC/F is 25mm,when 20mm is required,please note when ordering.
Used in general ventilation system;fiber filtering mediaBag filters are the most commonly air filters in industrial -used and civil ventilation systems for these. Filters, it is thetrend for fiber filtering media to replacetraditional fiber glass materials. We adopt high quality fiber filtering media toproduce ADC/H bag filters. the Filtering gradesof ADC/H filters include F5 F6, F7 and F8.Fire-resistance materialADC/H filters adopt fire-resistant material and the filters satisfy fire-fighting requirements of all kinds of places.Fire-fighting grade of the filters is UL2.For example: ADC/H 6665/10-F7Efficiency grade: F7; Dimensions: 592×592×650mm; Number of bags: 10 Environment-friendlyFilteringmedia of ADC/H filters can be burnt . so rubbish tre...
Used for general ventilation Our AZL are used in general ventilation system and efficiently grades of the filters include,F6,F7,F8,F9 and F10,equivalent to Chinese classification of“medium”,”high-medium” and European EU6-EU10.   Main characteristic* Large effective filtering area ; low resistance ; long service life* Materials of AZL/1 filters are 100% inflammable and the product is environment-friendly * Small in size and suitable for compact central airconditioning systems aAZL/1 filters use super-thin polypropylene material as filtering media . all materials of AZL/1 filters are in flammable and this is beneficial to environmental protection and rubbish treatment . this material is not easily broken and price of filters is also relative low . AZL/...
Traditional fiter with separatorsTraditional separator filters are the commonly-used filters in purifying engineering over half of the century . although new filters keep on coming into the market , these filters are still not replaceable for many projects due to their characteristics such as cheap , temperature-resistant and shock-resistant.AGB separator filters of ours are widely used in pu - rifying engineering in various industries as well as air-condi - toning and technical wind-delivering systems that have special requirements.We provides AGB separator filters of 3 sizes to satisfy market demand .* International grade filters with basic size of 610mm ((24’’) * Chinese classical grade filters with basic size of 484mm * Cinese grade filters with basic size of 630mmMian functionsEfficie...
Simple and economicalReliable,simple and general-purpose ABL filters produced by us are used for:* Pre-filtering of central air-conditioning and central ventilation systems * Inlet Pre-filtering of turbines and air compressors * Household central air-conditioner * Special uses such as nuclear and national defense industries          Replaceable filtering mediaCustomes can change filtreing media conveniently.Customers can save cost of spare parts and get rid of the trouble of transportation and storage.Filtering efficiencyFiltering efficiencies of ABL has two kinds: G3 and G4 .the correspond ing efficiency of weight-counting method is 80%-90% and the efficiency of colorimetry method is 40 % . filters with these efficiencies are commonly used in the fi...
Selection of chemical filtersChemical filters can satisfy requirements of industrial environment,environmental protection and civil works by getting rid of chemical pollutants in the air such as unpleasant smell , ammonia , sulfur dioxide and VOCS.There are many kinds of absorption materials for chemical filters and the most commonly-used is particle active carbon   Performance data of particle active carbon filtersThe maximum absorption capacity of a certain gas by a unit of active...
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