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发布时间: 2021 - 10 - 06
Hqfiltration PU soft end cover PTFE coated anti-static dust filter cartridge 175x145x1000mm Dust filter features(1) High temperature resistance, that is, ≤400℃;(2) High pressure resistance, the filter element can withstand a pressure difference of 2MPa;(3) Corrosion resistance;(4) It is small in size and easy to load and unload. It handles a large amount of air, and uses a small amount of air in backflush cleaning, which is fast and consumes less energy;(5) Features such as good cleaning effect. Air filter cartridge and dust filter element series are used in:A. Energy, cement, chemical, machinery, glass and other production lines to recover raw materials, purify and remove dustB. Pharmaceutical, cigarette, coating, production line recovery of raw materials, purification and dust ...
发布时间: 2021 - 10 - 06
We use the most advanced anti-corrosion efficient ultra-fine fiber coagulation material as the filter body, so that the compressor output air 3μm above the solid particles can be all filtered, and very little about 0.01-1μm oil and water dissolved in the filter When the condensate into a larger oil droplets, accumulated in the bottom of the filter, and then through the bottom of the filter tank back to the siphon pump back to the lubrication system so that the compressor discharge more pure, oil-free compressed air. Technical Parameters1. Filtration efficiency 99.999%2. Service life 3500-5200 hours3. Filtration accuracy: 0.1μs4. Filter material used US HV company glass fiber5. Compressed air oil content can reach 3ppm or less Typical models:161383970016138720001614 7048 991621574...
发布时间: 2021 - 09 - 11
1948650 HQfiltration replace of BOLL all stainless steel hydraulic system filter element  Filter Element Features:1. Material: fiber glass;oil paper;ss mesh2. Filtration efficiency: 99.9%3. Filter rating: 3 um4. Operating Pressure: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 210Mpa5. Application field: Lubricating oil & hydraulic oil system6. O-Ring: NBR, fluoro rubber Filter Element Application:The hydraulic oil filter element is an indispensable part of the pipeline series of the conveying medium. It is usually installed in the inlet filter of the hydraulic system to filter out metal particles and contaminants in the fluid medium and to protect the normal operation of machinery and equipment.The application range of hydraulic oil filter elements is very wide, covering almost al...
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HQFILTRATION High Efficiency Cartridge Fiter Air Filter Duracel XL 60ND High Efficiency Cartridge Fiter Air Filter Duracel XL 60NDHQFILTRATION AAF Air Filter Duracel XL 60ND An exceptional high efficiency filter utilizing a glass fiber woven media.Available in four efficiency grades, it is designed for use as the final filter stage in machinery intake systems where rigid construction and long service life are essential.   Product DatasheetDuracel XL6OND SQG Type, High Efficiency Cartridge FiterCell Size (Inch) Nominal; 24 x 24x 12Initial Resistance: 0.83”WG at 2000 CFMFinal Resistance: (Recommended): 2.5'WGAverage Atmospheric Dust Support Efficiency: 70%(lower than 70% is not acoeptable)Average Arrestance by Weight on AC Fine Test Dust: 99%Construction: Ga...
QUQ BREATHER FILTER SERIES QUQ1 QUQ2 QUQ2.5 QUQ3 QUQ4 QUQ5Hydraulic air filter element QUQ BREATHER FILTER Features:1. The fuel filler is fitted above the tank to keep the air inside and outside the tank and prevent dust in the outside air from entering the tank.2. The filter is a detachable design for easy cleaning and replacement.3. AB-type air filter thread has been processed, can be directly screwed into the tank.       Hydraulic air filter element QUQ1 QUQ2 QUQ2.5 QUQ3 QUQ4 QUQ5 Working principle and application:When the hydraulic system works, the oil level in the tank rises or falls, and when it rises, the air is discharged from the inside and outside, and the air is sucked from the outside. In order to purify the oil in the tank, install the ...
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