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发布时间: 2024 - 02 - 26
7670117 HQFILTRATION interchange Boll & Kirch star pleated Filter element Filter Element Features:End caps Material:Stainless Steel;Carbon steel, aluminum And Other Standard MaterialsFrame Material:Stainless steel meshFilter Material:304 Stainless Steel Mesh;316 Stainless Steel Mesh And Other Standard MaterialsFilter Accuracy :0.5~200um;Porosity:28%-50%Filter Media:A variety of corrosive media such as acids and alkalis,Etc.Aperture.:4u—160u Filter Element Application:1. Petrochemical and oilfield pipeline filtration;2. Fuel filtration for refueling equipment, engineering machinery and equipment;3. Equipment filtration in water treatment industry;4. Pharmaceutical and food processing fields;5. It is suitable for pre-processing and post-proces...
发布时间: 2024 - 02 - 23
INR-Z-1800-A-SS50V Hqfiltration replace of INDUFIL hydraulic oil filter elementFilter Element Features:1. Material: Nylon Plastic & fiber glass2. Filtration efficiency: 99.9%3. Filter rating: 10um4. Operating Pressure: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 21.0Mpa5. Application field: Lubricating oil & hydraulic oil system6. O-Ring: NBR, fluoro rubber Filter Element Application:sThe hydraulic oil filter element is an indispensable part of the pipeline series of the conveying medium. It is usually installed in the inlet filter of the hydraulic system to filter out metal particles and contaminants in the fluid medium and to protect the normal operation of machinery and equipment.The application range of hydraulic oil filter elements is very wide, covering almost all industries...
发布时间: 2024 - 02 - 23
CC-31402-N2  HQfiltration interchange waftec Japan coalescing filter elementThe coalescence filter element is processed by a variety of composite materials through a special process. It has hydrophilic characteristics. It can not only filter out the mechanical impurities in the medium, but also remove the emulsified water from the medium through demulsification and coalescence. The filter element is separated and coalesced into larger water droplets to facilitate further purification of the medium. Principle of filtrationThe droplets of oil, water and other liquids are captured by the ultrafine fibers inside the coalescer. These micron-sized fibers form a tortuous channel for the airflow, forcing solid particles and liquid droplets to collide, diffuse and intercept directly, and ...
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We could assist you to prepare Invoice certification or CO: General certificate of origin (CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN) issued by the commodity inspection agency.CCPIT CEERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN issued by the Chamber of Commerce;Certificate of Origin issued by us manufacturer or exporter.
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DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT and so on express door to door;by sea or by air shipment.Some countries have special line double clearing to door service,such as some middle Eastern countries, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Australia ,and Some Southeast Asian countries have tax package double clearing to door service.
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